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I mean really? EU pls. Site URL moving to

So the UK is very busy eating all the Brexit dicks atm, but the EU still found time to issue me notice on my domain. Because it is an .eu domain they are forcibly revoking it when the UK leaves the EU (because people are stoopid and believe stupid signs on stupid buses put up by lying scumbags, but thats another story :D ) so I’ve had to move everything to the domain.

The site is now on and the old .eu domain will stop working in about 6 months once we leave and they forcibly revoke it. Utter pita, had this domain for around 15years and tonnes of stuff was on it.

dicks :D

Recruitment is Open!

Well, following an unfortunate series of events almost our entire ranged DPS squad has needed to take short AFKs. Last night we tried to take down Helya with an entirely melee raid setup. We Made it to Phase3 a couple of times but the setup was just killing us and was pretty pointless :)

To compensate, a couple of people will be running offspecs and a couple of new ranged are joining to fill the gaps but even when everyone returns in a couple of weeks we could still use an extra couple of ranged DPS – so recruitment is open :)

We’re looking for approx. 2 ranged DPS, ideally Hunter/Mage.

Want to join? Apply on the recruitment section of the forum please :) We look forward to hearing from you.



Emerald Lolmare Cleared.

Well chaps, that’s EN heroic cleared (a week ago, but I’m slack on the news post) and we have new content coming next week – I call that a result tbh. So far… and I say this with some trepidation Blizzard have made the best Expansion since TBC/Wrath. Its had a great levelling experience, solid dungeons, they have finally nailed the daily quest idea to something that doesn’t feel like its being forced upon you or you are repeating the same thing every single day – and most importantly there is a steady stream of content so we don’t run out – including both dungeon/raid but also questlines via Suramar.

On the class balance front, I’ve not known anything like this from a healer pov. All the healers are pretty much balanced and you can bring any class to any fight no problems. DPS balance, well not as good (lol elemental shaman) but still pretty damn good.



Cenariarse handed to him

Another raid another kill. First dedicated heroic raid week and we’ve taken down 4 new bosses. The latest can be seen the following dramatic reconstruction:


Flying Vagina Boss gets a good seeing too…

yeah. Another dramatic reconstruction ;)


Bridge Boss, dangerous relation of the elevator boss. Oh and there is a spiderhawk thing…

I took a screenshot, honest. But the file was lost in the great file loss of 2016 that involved that one file only. So here is a dramatic reconstruction:


Un-bearlieveable skillz

Ursoc down. Fairly straightforward kill, only complication was rubbish raid leader forgot to get the kill screen so has to make one via Paint.


Normal cleared. No problems reported.

Well it seems we haven’t lost the ability to play in the 10months or so that we’ve been on break. Clean full clear of normal was done in the first reset with most of the bosses one shotted. Xavius took us 3 attempts but we got him and 3 attempts is pretty good looking at the average stats with people needing much higher attempts.

All in all – job done. Onto Heroic.


Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…

Its that special time again and I get to make my “once more” post that is now tradition upon opening of the first raid of a new expansion :) Emerald Nightmare opens tomorrow and we will be making a bee-line directly for it. Watch out for us, with most of us not done any raiding since we went on break last December (you know, that time when WoD should have ended…) we’ll be the skeletons littering the floor :)

Good luck to us…


Time to dust off your skill…

Pre-Patch Legion is arriving on Wednesday and Continuum is coming back to help kill some Demons while simultaneously making your mum jokes on TeamSpeak! Oh and you will soon never have to go to your Garrison ever again (Garrisons can eat a bag of dicks!) so there really is cause for celebration. Long live our Legion overlords – until we can kill them ofc.

Almost all of our team is returning for Legion :) We are opening recruitment to fill the vacant spots so climb aboard the failboat and lets get going…





Emerald Nightmare:
Normal = 7/7
Heroic= 7/7

Trial of Valor:
Normal = 3/3
Heroic= 2/3

Normal = 0/10
Heroic= 0/10


Normal = 7/7
Heroic= 7/7
Mythic = 7/7

Blackrock Foundry:
Normal = 10/10
Heroic= 10/10
Mythic = 0/10

Hellfire Citadel:
Normal = 13/13
Heroic= 13/13
Mythic = 2/13

Guild On Break until Legion (Dec2015)



Mogu'shan Vaults:
Normal = 6/6

Heart of Fear:
Normal = 6/6

Terrace of Endless Spring:
Normal = 4/4


Dragon Soul 10m:
Normal = 8/8
Heroic = 2/8 (Stopped until MoP)

Firelands 10m:
Normal = 7/7
Heroic = 6/7

Tier 11 (Defenders of a Shattered World)

Blackwing Descent 10m:
Normal = 6/6
Heroic = 4/6

Throne of 4 Winds 10m:
Normal = 2/2
Heroic = 0/2

Bastion of Twilight 10m:
Normal = 4/4
Heroic = 1/4


Ruby Sanctum 10m:
1/1 (Twilight Destroyer)
Realm 1st Kill

Ruby Sanctum 10m Heroic:
1/1 (Heroic: Twilight Destroyer)
Realm 3rd Kill

ICC 10m Heroic:
(Glory of the Icecrown Raider)
(Bane of the Fallen King)

ICC 10m:
12/12 (KingSlayer)

ToGC 10m:
5/5 (Tribute to Insanity)

Ulduar 10m Heroic:
14/14 (Glory of the Ulduar Raider)

Ulduar 10m:
14/14 (inc Algalon)