Tank, Balance

Archimonde takes it in the face.

Its a true story. We knew he would, he knew he would, everyone knew he would. The only people that didn’t seem to know it was the 12 previous bosses trying to protect him that also ended up taking it in the face… Good job guys, solid kill. Shame I missed the kill, but fortunately the power of MS Paint has enabled me to share in the glory of the screenshot. I know you are all very happy about this fact :)




Click here for Mann on Mann action….

Mann overboard! The lizard is down and we did it in a perfect kill with zero deaths and no mistakes. Ok there were a few deaths and a couple of mistakes….. ok fine… there were three people left alive. But he is down and its just Archimonde left now! In keeping with tradition the screenshot was forgotten, so using the awesome power of MS Paint, a dramatic reconstruction has been created in its place:


Solid kills guys – whale done!



Hellfail Citilol Down. Archimonde makes an Eredar in Judgement and Underestimates our Awesomeness.

Well, its that special time again. Another content patch cleared, more epox and more fun had doing it. Time to defiler this away as a good kill :)

WoWScrnShot_082415_214422 - Copy

Is it cos he’s Black?

We’ve had a lot of fun this tier, making steady progress each week but with only 2 raids a week and limited time we were never going to get server first ;) So here it is – a few months in and he has finally fallen to the might of our awesomeness. Its a good end boss fight, a little quick perhaps but the fight is solid and good fun.

Onwards to 6.2 Glory!





Once more unto the breech, dear friends.

Been a while since the last post, but its been a busy time with levelling, gearing, raiding and looting. We’ve had a slow start getting people levelled and geared but are ramping up now. 6/7 normal and 2 heroic without breaking a sweat. Soon more bosses shall fall to the power of our awesomeness and loot shall rain from the sky.

Unsurprisingly, fail raid leader is still fail at remembering to take screenshots, so instead just imagine us standing over corpses looting them for epox, its probably better than looking at our ugly mugs :)

WoD is here! ( /WIN ) Servers are Busted! ( /FAIL )

Well the launch has come and gone and I don’t think anyone can deny it has been the worst expansion launch to date – from a technical point of view. “Shambles” is the word that comes to mind. Someone took a picture of one of the Blizzard engineers trying to cool the servers off:


True story. That’s not photo-shopped…

Other than the very obvious technical issues, the game is great :) Just need to drag the stragglers to 100 and get ready for raids now! Actual fun incoming.


Its DRAGONMAW Bitches! :D

Ah, we meet again old friend…

We started on Dragonmaw back in 2010 but when the active population dropped below Zombie Apocalypse and lack of recruitment opportunities threatened to end the guild we migrated to Kazzak in 2012. A couple of years later and we’re sick of 2-3 hour login queues for peak periods and server lag when you do finally get in…

So with these new Server connections Dragonmaw has once again become a hub for >3 people and we’ve returned home.

Kazzak is Dead. Long live Dragonmaw! Again!

Warlords of Draenor Launching on 13th November. Here come teh pain!

After a long hiatus through most of Mists of Pandfailure, Continuum will be reforming. Plans will be announced once we have established who from the core is returning and how many fresh faces we need to recruit. I don’t think anyone needs any reminder of why this expansion promises the most since TBC but here it is just in case:

  • Flexible raiding for everything up to Mythic. Say goodbye to sitting out of raids, spot rotation arguments, general complaints, etc :)
  • Real hardened raiding at one size. No more compromises or different “mythic” mechanics for different sizes.
  • Garrisons (I *hated* daily quests… but I really love the Garrisons :) )
  • Awesome new Dungeons
  • Epic new Raids


So yeah…. INCOMING!! Remember to check the forum and post your intentions as the planning has officially started!




Continuum are Heroic (again…)

Ok we took our time with this one as we wanted to clear all normal mode content prior to starting the heroics. Some guilds have killed this before us, but they havn’t even finished clearing HoF – which just seems wrong :) So anyway – We killed Sha and tonight we killed our first heroic boss. Here is to the first of many in this tier :)

Oh and Myther and his $%*&£^! meteor again! /facepalm :)

Sha of Fail

Another boss falls to the magnificence of our awesomeness ;) Bit of a disappointing end boss if completely honest; single phase, rinse repeat all the way through. Some nice mechanics with the shields and teleport but I can’t help feel Heroic is the way this boss was meant to be experienced. Onwards to heroic!




Emerald Nightmare:
Normal = 7/7
Heroic= 7/7

Trial of Valor:
Normal = 3/3
Heroic= 2/3

Normal = 0/10
Heroic= 0/10


Normal = 7/7
Heroic= 7/7
Mythic = 7/7

Blackrock Foundry:
Normal = 10/10
Heroic= 10/10
Mythic = 0/10

Hellfire Citadel:
Normal = 13/13
Heroic= 13/13
Mythic = 2/13

Guild On Break until Legion (Dec2015)



Mogu'shan Vaults:
Normal = 6/6

Heart of Fear:
Normal = 6/6

Terrace of Endless Spring:
Normal = 4/4


Dragon Soul 10m:
Normal = 8/8
Heroic = 2/8 (Stopped until MoP)

Firelands 10m:
Normal = 7/7
Heroic = 6/7

Tier 11 (Defenders of a Shattered World)

Blackwing Descent 10m:
Normal = 6/6
Heroic = 4/6

Throne of 4 Winds 10m:
Normal = 2/2
Heroic = 0/2

Bastion of Twilight 10m:
Normal = 4/4
Heroic = 1/4


Ruby Sanctum 10m:
1/1 (Twilight Destroyer)
Realm 1st Kill

Ruby Sanctum 10m Heroic:
1/1 (Heroic: Twilight Destroyer)
Realm 3rd Kill

ICC 10m Heroic:
(Glory of the Icecrown Raider)
(Bane of the Fallen King)

ICC 10m:
12/12 (KingSlayer)

ToGC 10m:
5/5 (Tribute to Insanity)

Ulduar 10m Heroic:
14/14 (Glory of the Ulduar Raider)

Ulduar 10m:
14/14 (inc Algalon)