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Bad Weeblyfail

Post#1 » Tue Mar 26, 2013 10:19 pm

Anima Golem (4 anima)

25 Total. 12 active, 13 critically damaged.

Active adds have 90% reduced AOE damage
Stacking the adds is bad - the stack dps buffs

Healers/DPS each tank a single add.
Tanks tank two each (with their stacking buff)

Large Anima Golen (can hold 8 Anima)

Crimson wave - kite and avoid. Simplez

Massive Anima Golem (can hold 32 Anima)

2 in total.
Explosive Slam - hits area around tank for 9yards for 200k.
Don't stand next to tank. Each time tank gets hit by Slam they get a stacking debuff. Tank switch at 4 stacks

Matter Swap - dispellable. When dispelled with swap the location of the player with the debuff and the player furthest away swap places. Needs to be dispelled 50% through the duration to split the damage to avoid 100% ratios. Dispell at 5sec left on duration.

When the adds die, their anima jumps to the neared non-dead golem. If not active then it will activate it.
Need to control where the adds die to make sure their anima moves the as few adds as possible.

1) Every player spreads and tanks a Golem.
2) Tank1 holds 2 next to a critically damaged on side (fills it to 8 capacity)
3) Two dps on other side holds 2 next to another critically damaged on other side (fills it to 8 capacity)
4) Take small next to a Massive add and activate it. Tank kites it around the room while killing small adds next to it so it slowly fills up with anima until it is full with 32 anima (need to kill 3x critical damaged small to fill it)
5) Engage boss killing the critically damaged small add next to boss to activate him

When the main boss spawns he siphons anima from all golems that currently have it. The more adds that have anima the more anima he can siphon each cast. The slower you can make him get anima - the more time you have to kill him before he gets his special abilities (@ 25%, 50% and 75% anima)

0% = Touch of Animus - permenant debuff doing 30k/4sec for the rest of the fight

25% = Anima Ring. Balls around tank. General life rule - don't touch the balls. Take 200% melee damage taken per stack. Get another player to hit a ball to make a space so the tank can get out - the other player isn't taking melee damage anyway…

50% - Anima Font - Further debuffs the player with Touch of animus - throws bolts of death around. Move away from rest of the raid.

75% Interupting Jolt - does 350k to everyone in the raid and interupt

100% = Enrage.
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