Peräpuukko - Rogue

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Peräpuukko - Rogue

Post#1 » Sun Dec 06, 2015 9:12 pm


Q: First Name
A: Riku

Q: Age
A: 27

Q: Gender
A: M

Q: Location
A: Finland


Q: Character Name
A: Peräpuukko

Q: Current realm
A: Stormreaver

Q: Race
A: Blood Elf

Q: Class
A: Rogue

Q: Link to Armory profile
(Please make sure to log out in PvE gear)

A: ... kko/simple

Q: Primary Professions
(Please include skill level)

1st: Jewelcrafting 600
2nd: Blacksmithing 600

Q: Secondary Professions
(include skill level)

First Aid:


Q: Are you willing to respec, partially or fully?
(Do you have offspec experience and/or offspec gear?)

A: I can respec if needed, I've played assassination earlier

Q: What is your experience of theorycrafting?
(Please note any websites, special threads, spreadsheets, etc)

A: I don't do theorycrafting really myself but once I start to play a class I will read through forums to find out best practices, stats etc. Lately I've found a lot of good information from the mmo-champion forums, haven't checked things for rogue yet in this expansion but that's where I will start. I try to get as much info about the class there is.

Q: What is your experience of raiding?
(Please note this should *only include* content completed when current. Please don't list things completed 2 years later and such :))

A: I started raiding WotLK, below is a list of kills while the raid was the latest, most of these are from 10mans:

Ulduar 8/14 normals
ToTC 2/5 HC
ICC 11/12HC
BoT 2/4HC
FL 4/7HC
DS 6/8HC
MSV 6/6HC (cutting edge)
HoF 6/6HC (cutting edge)
ToES 4/4 normal
ToT 4/13 HC
SoO 14/14HC (cutting edge)
HM 3/6M
BRF 9/10HC


Q: Which of the following primary raid days can you attend?
Wednesday 20:00 - 23:30 (Yes/No)
Sunday 20:00 - 23:30 (Yes/No)
Monday 20:00 - 23:30 (Yes/No)

All of them

Q: We have a focus on community spirit here, do you plan to be active outside of raids?
A: I will be active also outside of the raids as far as there's something to do. I can't really log on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I got school after work but otherwise you should see me around.

Q: Is there any upcoming event that will change your raiding availablility?
A: Christmas might be hard to raid on but otherwise I don't have any restrictions.


Q: Are you able to use Teamspeak3?
A: Yes

Q: Do you have a microphone?
A: Yup


Q: What do you expect from us?
A: I expect that you really like raiding and also put effort in it to succeed. I also expect friendly and mature community.

Q: How would Continuum benefit from you?
A: At least I hope to help your raiding team once I'm geared up, other than that I'm helpful outside of raids, I like to run dungeons and do quests with guildies.

Q: What are ur goals in WoW?
A: Kill as many dragons as possible

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Re: Peräpuukko - Rogue

Post#2 » Sun Dec 06, 2015 10:28 pm

hyvää päivää Riku, Im not the one to be considering your app, but I would advise you to provide some links to the characters you've actually done some raiding with :)
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Re: Peräpuukko - Rogue

Post#3 » Sun Dec 06, 2015 11:29 pm

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Re: Peräpuukko - Rogue

Post#4 » Mon Dec 07, 2015 12:35 pm

Accepted to guild, but due to the investment required to gear you up and get you ready we cannot admit you to Heroic raiding until i700 and Mythic raiding until 710ilevel. Given the ease of getting gear outside of raids at this point we are hoping you will be able to get this gear from a combination of Mythic dungeon farming (drops up to i720 and i715 trinket), Crafting (up to 710) and pugging normal/heroic raids until you get the required gear.

Hope that is ok and makes sense, we think we will be a good match for eachother however need proven commitment before we can deviate from our current mythic path.

As we are doing Mythic Wednesday your first potential raid would be next Sunday - but you'll need to get some good upgrades between now and then - so go go go :) /w me in game with any questions :) Feel free to hit up guildies for some mythic dungeons if people on LFG require i750 level for them :P
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