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Continuum Guild Rules

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Below is a summary of Continuum guild rules. Last Updated: November 2015 (Meegle).

Be polite to other people, both members and non-members.
Whenever possible, try to help guild members with problems regarding WoW.
Do your best to represent Continuum in a positive way.

The master looter will link a loot item and prompt for rolls. To be perfectly honest we don't much care about loot :) Gone are the days of standing on IronForge bridge epeening our latest epox, been there, done that and decent gear is so easy to get these days it's hardly worth it.

We will be operating a simple mainspec roll for loot based on Gentleman's rules. If you win the roll then it is yours, however be mindful that if something is a small upgrade for you and a huge upgrade for someone else it is in the interests of the group that it goes to the person that will get the most out of it. This will not be enforced and if you win the roll it is 100% your decision. However the higher overall gear level the group has the more success we will have. Its not about one person's gear - its a group effort. Make good decisions.

For offspec/alt gear, the same will apply. With a small roster the time will come when we need those offspec characters, so passing the occassional huge upgrade to them will give us a stronger group.

The only priority is related to trials. Trials will still be eligible to roll for loot, but their priority is reduced during their trial period. This is to prevent gear and items from leaving the raid group if the trial does not pass (or leaves by their own accord) - thereby damaging progression. Once the trial is over the person is eligible same as any other raid member, but until the trial period is over the loot is distributed in the following priority:

MainSpec CoreRaider -> Offspec CoreRaider -> MainSpec Trial -> OffSpec Trial


An officer will post the raids on the forum. All raids will be handled on the forum and not using the in game calendar. We see it as a good thing that people use the forum and keep up to date with what is going on :)

To Sign: Post in the appropriate thread.
To Resign: Create a new post in the appropriate thread. DO NOT edit the original post as it might be missed.

Raids setups are first and foremost at the discresion of the raid leader and for progress raids the best possible setup may be selected. Outside of this, a rotation system will be operated where people who have sat out or passed on the previous raid will have priority for the next raid.

Raid Rules
1) All people, including listed subs will be on their mains, outside/inside the instance and ready for invite at 20:30.
2) Your location is your responsibility. Summons are not part of getting to the raid on time. If you are not ready then a sub will be taken. We want to be fair, but you should respect other people's time investment.
3) You will have enough flasks/food on you for the entire raid duration.
4) If you have to go afk, always whisper the raid leader about it.
5) Think before pointing fingers. If you want to blame someone or simply whine in raid channel - think twice. This kind of behaviour isnt supported by the guild and wont be tolerated. If you really think someone is doing something wrong, you can try helping him out by giving an advice. It should be constructive, supportive and aimed at improving the raid.
6) The raid leader will direct changes and decisions regarding tactics and procedure.
7) Raiding ends: 23:30.

In order to ensure everyone respects everybodys' time investment, we operate a basic Loot Penalty system. you must be:

a) Signed on the appropriate raid signup thread before 15:00 Server time
b) Outside the instance with flasks and potions before 20:30 Server Time

Failure to adhere to this will result in a loot penalty. Your rolls will only count as OffSpec for the duration of that raid. In the event you fail to finish the raid, the loot penalty will affect the next raid *that you attend*.

NOTE - If the raid leader asks you to come to the raid and you accept but are not signed or have previously declined, no loot penalty will be enforced as you are helping the raid out.


Continuum's minimum raiding requirement is signing for at least 1 out of the two weekly raids. If you are consistently unable to meet this minimum requirement we may need to recruit additional players to fill the spot. Additionally you risk losing your Raider Rank :(

Guild Ranks

They decide upon the direction of the guild and other important things such as guild rules and deal with any problems as they come up. They can remove players if they think its nessesary.

Core Raiders:
People who raid at least 2 times a week. They are our raiding core.

People who have been raiding with us for a longer period of time but cant attend the 2 out of 3 raids anymore. They do not have priority over raiders in joining the raids

Social Members, will not be given priority on raid signups over a raider.

Alts and rerolls:
When deciding on rerolls we use personal judgement. Every case is different and whether you will be allowed to reroll at any point of time is fully dependant on the officer team's decision based on the guild's needs/status.

Gbank goods:
You can purchuase any goods that are there in the guild bank for the half of their auction house value. They are for personal use only. Purchuasing them with an idea of reselling them to make profit is considered ninja'ing and you will likely be removed from the guild.
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Re: Continuum Guild Rules

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Outstanding wall of text.
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Re: Continuum Guild Rules

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